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12VDC to 120VAC Inverter and other options for Electric Power Failure in your home.
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750 Watt Inverter (Minimum Protection) Cost about $130 for all parts. [Rechargeable w/o electricity]

Keep your food cold. [Rechargeable w/o electricity] Cost about $400

Power 400 watts for 6-8 hours. [Rechargeable when power returns] Costs about $200 (See notes)

Protect and Backup your PC when power fails. [Rechargeable when power returns]
Rechargeable Night Light/ Flashlight!

Other Alternatives:

Google Search - Power Generators

Google Search - Natural Gas Power Generators


Note: Backup units provide insurance against lightning damage but cannot recharge without electricity from your power company.

12V DC Inverter's provide temporary 120VAC power to your home in case of a power failure. Also will provide your vehicle with 120 VAC to camp in remote locations to run fans, lights, DVD player or a laptop. Another application might be to use power tools or an electric weed whacker in a location that isn't close to an outlet on your property. The advantage of inverters is the power is available on electrical failure and you don't have to find the generator in the storage shed and hope you have gas and that it will start. Below are some samples available.

750 watt inverter will output 6.25 amps at 120 VAC

1000 watt inverter will output 8.30 amps at 120 VAC

Formula is: Inverter watt output divided by 120 to determine the amperage you need for your application.

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Parts needed (as shown) Inverter * 12VDC Battery
Battery Trickle Charger
  • Connect the battery charger to the battery and plug it in to an outlet.
  • Clip the Inverter to the battery

The 750 watt inverter is about $70 summer 2006 at Lowes.

If you have a power failure: Unplug the charger and connect the extension cord to the inverter for lights, fans etc. in your home. Use the inverter any time to use in remote areas for power tools by connecting to vehicle battery. Google Search for best price.

Note: You can run small fans, power to your cordless phones and lights for hours on this 750 Watt unit. A 100 watt fluorescent screw in bulb draws 23 watts and is more efficient than an incandescent bulb. A small fan will draw less than one amp and a 13" TV will draw about 60 watts.

Keep your food cold.
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* AC amps: 21

* DC amps: 208

* No load current: < 0.6 Amps

* Full load efficiency: 90%

* 1/3 load efficiency: 95%
* UL maximum recommended

   per outlet 1500W on this  unit.

If you would like to run your refrigerator, you will need a larger unit such as this 2500 Watt inverter. $250-$300

Before you purchase a unit, check the wattage of your refrigerator and select a large enough inverter to power your refrigerator. Older refrigerators draw around 8 amps and newer units about 16 amps. Be sure to read the specifications on the inverter to be sure a single outlet has capacity needed.


Note you can parallel car batteries to extend the time the inverter will output. This will allow you to run your refrigerator every few hours to keep it cold.


When the 12VDC inverter batteries discharge, turn the inverter off and use your automobile battery and jumper cables to recharge them.

Search Google   400 Watt
Safeguard your data from a power outage with this backup battery system. With up to eight hours of back-up power, you will be up and running while the rest of the neighborhood is down. The only problem with this type of unit is when it discharges you have to wait for the electricity to come on to recharge. However it will protect sensitive equipment from lightning and give you a few hours of running time.


Both inverters and battery backups are great to have and protect your equipment but the inverter has the advantage of having the battery jumped to recharge as mentioned above.

This unit protects your PC and provides plenty of time to backup your data, close programs and turn off your computer.


Not enough running time to use as backup power system such as the unit listed above.

Best Buy: $165
8 total surge-protected outlets, 4 with added battery backup; 4 transformer-spaced
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains steady flow of power
Up to 90 minutes of battery backup in case of power failure
1285VA rating; 1800-joule surge energy rating
Surge protection for broadband/DSL network and phone/fax/modem (2 line, 1-in/1-out) and coaxial (1-in/1-out) connections
Hot-swappable batteries (two 12V)
LED indicators for power on, battery on, AVR and wiring; audible alarms for battery on, low battery and overload; LCD panel

Sylvania LED Power Failure 3-in-1 Light

Nest Learning Thermostat



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