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Apple iPhone and iTouch 4th gen.
Useful apps:

Favorite Games:

War Blade

Smart Phones:
(I prefer the Android system due to
excellent voice recognition, Flash
Player and camera flash on my model.)

Useful apps:

App 2 SD

Below the line above is information relating to older handheld devices and GPS units for reference.
Palmtops and palmtops with GPS has been replaced with Smart Phones with GPS and stand alone GPS.

and has outdated this page. [See above information for newer/current electronics.]
The section below will remain online to support older system links. Refer to:

Palmtops - Software, Information & Links 
DOS PDA's | Break Frames | HOME

  CE/Palm Links

Garmin iQue 3600 GPS Palm - GPS Page

Pocket PC Magazine

Download PDA Software
ZD Net Handheld User

More PDA Links for all Operating Systems

Bargain PDA

MOBIPOCKET Read eBooks/ Update Current news/information
to your CE 2000 Palmtop
Microsoft Windows CE Page
Windows CE
HP Jornada

Paragon Software
Windows CE Ware Software
CE Windows.net faqs
Windows CE Knowledge Center

The best overall older PDA I have found to date is the Garmin iQue 3600 (with GPS)

DOS Version Palmtops

HP discontinued making the DOS LX series in November 1st 1999.  Personally I liked the HP DOS 200LX series for data entry. DOS - HP 95LX, 100LX 200LX Links.  Click HERE for purchase information, accessories and repair for the HP LX series PDA's if they are still available.

Hand held computers reviewed.
PDAStreet.com: HP200LX
Thaddeus Computing - Handheld PC Magazine

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